Feng Shui Turtle

Feng Shui Turtle — There are four Celestial Animals or Guardians in Feng Shui namely, the Green Dragon (East), the Red Phoenix (South), the White Tiger (West) and the Black Turtle (North). These animals are considered sacred and have been in existence since the inception and beginning of Feng Shui and its different schools. The basic utility of Feng Shui turtle is that it acts a protection and energy enhancer, when placed at the back of the house. You can place a turtle in your home, your office and your garden, but they are certain guidelines to be followed while using it, to ensure it affects you positively.

  • Place the metal turtle in black, towards the North direction, where it will support you in career and business projects.

  • To provide strength and stability to Ba-gua, the energy map, place a stone turtle close to the West-facing main door. This will bring energy and protection to the main door.

  • Calculate the Kua number, the birth element and the current Feng Shui energies for the year, to determine the best direction for the turtle in your home.

  • Exercise caution while identifying the turtle, as there are a number of similar items available in the market.

Feng Shui turtles are quite different from the range of other turtles that are available in the market. There are turtles made up of varied materials, with auspicious symbols on their back. Apart from this, there are turtles which contain Feng Shui coins to attract more wealth and health. Thus, do not be confused. Clearly identify the problem and the purpose for which you want to buy the turtle. Buy it on the advice of a good Feng Shui practitioner and from a trusted shop, to ensure best results.

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