Feng Shui Shells

Feng Shui: Shells — Feng Shui symbolism is not just about placing some Chinese artifacts or objects but they need to inspire and motivate the occupants of the home. The present day lifestyle and work requirements have made it difficult for couples to find time for themselves and in some cases it has given rise to cracks in relationships. For many establishing business relationships and enhancing their business skills or reputation has been difficult. Feng Shui has some simple yet practical solutions to overcome such situations.

Shells are very popular and most often seen when we visit seashores. We either collect such seashells or buy them as souvenirs. Conch shells or cowrie shells have a special meaning in Feng Shui and they are said to enhance the travel luck and also to strengthen long distance relationship.

Feng Shui tenets say that shells are useful to attract overseas business and relationship luck. They are also an excellent symbol for those who wish to have harmonious relationship with the rich and the famous. A nice large shell of at least 6-8 inches is more effective and when such shell is placed at the South sector of the living room, it enhances the good reputation and name of the occupant. It could also be placed in the southwest or the Northeast sectors of the living room to strengthen education and relationship luck.

Quite a few couples due to the work requirements live apart and they have a difficulty in communication and adapt commuting relationships. In such situations placing a conch shell at the Southwest corner of the bedroom enhances the opportunities for the couple to live together and create circumstances for the relationship to strengthen and blossom. A conch shell in the Southwest of the bedroom can also strengthen long distance relationship and create more time for the couples to spend time together.

Keeping a conch shell will in any case give great opportunities to enhance communications luck by virtue of which you will realize that the interaction improves with friends and colleagues and they will understand you better.

The sign of the shell was insignia of royalty and it was a common practice those days for people employed with the royalty to either carry it or paint it on their dress, which was said to offer protection to them.

Ensure that the conch shells are not too sharp and spiky but small protrusions are acceptable. In case you cannot find a large conch shell then small clusters of seashells may be used to enhance the south sector of the living room or the bedroom.

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