Feng Shui Mirror

Feng Shui Mirror — Mirrors are such amusing pieces of glass, without which we would not have been able to have a look at ourselves. But apart from serving as reflection mediums, they are capable of much more. Due to this reason, they are used for cures in Feng Shui. There are a number of ways in which you can solve your problems by using a mirror. Feng Shui teaches you how to apply mirrors to your décor, in order to solve your problems. To ensure this you just need to follow the Feng Shui placement tips given below.

Mirrors are commonly used for the purpose of expansion. It means that they can create the illusion of space by reflecting it back. This way they make a small space appear big. According to Feng Shui, mirrors are a good way of discarding anything negative. If there is something in your environment which is producing negative effect, just place a Feng Shui mirror in front of it. This will reflect back the negative energy produced by it and will nullify it. Thus, a Feng Shui mirror neutralizes the effect of a disharmonizing element.

The other advantage with mirrors is that if you are unable to place a particular object at a specific place, you can virtually place it there by reflecting it in the mirror. With the help of the mirrors you can bring some elements, placed outside your house, inside it. For example, plants and trees can be made a part of your house by reflecting them through mirrors. However, not every object should be reflected. There are some essential things that are to be taken care of, while using mirrors.


  • Beds should not be reflected in a mirror, as they bring third party influence in a marriage.
  • Stairways should never be reflected in the mirror, as they interfere with the positive Chi.
  • Work desks should not be reflected, as it magnifies the workload.


  • Auspicious objects and good fortune symbols should be reflected.
  • Natural water bodies, such as rivers, streams, lakes and oceans, should be reflected, as they bring prosperity and good fortune.
  • Put mirror at the end of the hallway to avoid “dead end”.

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