Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui Kitchen — Kitchen can be called the heart of any house. It is the place which provides the food for life. The nourishment provided by the food prepared in kitchen is the prime source for our well being and good health. It has a profound influence on complete family and therefore, cannot be ignored at any cost. According to Feng Shui, kitchen is the source of sustenance and prosperity. A good kitchen is a mirror which reflects the complete picture of the house and the attitude of the occupants. It is the storehouse of all the vital energy and rules the house. To ensure you have a healthy mind and body, we have provided some basic Feng Shui tips for kitchen.

  • Keep your kitchen clean and tidy, free from clutter.
  • Use white color for Kitchen, as it signifies purity.
  • Ward off all the broken appliances from the kitchen.

Kitchen Placement

The kitchen should not fall on the centerline of the house and should be located at the back. Moreover, the kitchen should not be visible from the main entrance of the house. This will result in digestion related problems for the residents. At the same time, it should not be at the entry point of the house as this will lead to overeating by both the residents and the guests. You can use beaded curtains and louvered doors as a remedy for the same and distract the attention of the visitors from the kitchen.

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout should be such that the cook, who rules this area, can directly have a look at anybody entering his domain. In case you do not have this kind of an arrangement, you can hang a reflective surface just opposite to the cooking area. This way the reflection of the person coming into the kitchen will be easily visible. Another good option is Cooking Island. This provides a wider look of the territory and keeps the cook aware of the happenings around him.

Kitchen Lighting and Appliances

For a good feng Shui kitchen, use full spectrum bulbs rather than any other source of fluorescent medium of lighting. The basic Feng Shui design of a kitchen is based on a traditional triangle model with sink, refrigerator and the cooking range marking its corners. There should be around 6 to 8 feet distance between all the three. This separates the element of fire, i.e. the stove or microwave, from the element of water, i.e. the sink and refrigerator. To separate them, you can place the Wood element between them, like a plant or its picture.

Kitchen Stove

The stove is the main equipment in the kitchen. It represents both health and wealth and should be taken care of. All the burners of the stove should be used equally. This corresponds to money coming from different sources. Try and avoid microwaves in the kitchen as the electromagnetic waves are not very friendly. Do not have a window right over the stove. Heat is considered as the form of prosperity and the window will throw it out.

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