Feng Shui Fountain

Feng Shui Fountain — Water Fountains are a symbol of the free flow of energy. They are associated with the water element of Feng Shui and can be placed both outside and inside the house. Consequently, fountains are considered easy and effective means of cure in Feng Shui. Water fountain is deemed to bring good luck and prosperity and it influences the surrounding environment positively. In addition to this, the sound and motion of the running water activates Chi.

Fountains are recommended for the places where energy levels have been stagnant for a while. They stimulate positive energy in such surroundings. They even restore balance in the dull and dry places by adding moisture. Fountains are placed wherever the elements of wood and water are to be enhanced. As a result, they are best suited in the north, east, and southeast directions or corners. Green plants, which are a form of wood, enhance the power of using fountains.

Feng Shui fountains are available in different shapes and sizes. However, the size of the fountain hardly matters, but the location is quite crucial. If a fountain is placed near the main entrance of the house, make sure the flow of water is towards interior. Moreover, the fountains are made up of varied materials which have their own distinct effect. Copper fountains are supportive in the creative cycle of water whereas stone, cement, and ceramic fountains energetically block the water element.

In such fountains, metal element is added to restore the flow of water Chi, like nine coins or a metal table. The sound of the fountain is another guiding factor in case of fountains. The sound produced should not be too loud or hushed. To ensure, this you can change the water level in the fountain. Set the flow to such velocity where it makes the right kind of sound, pleasing to your ears. If you have a water fountain in the bedroom, do not forget to turn it off at night.

Apart from all this, make sure to take proper care of your fountain. Keep the fountain clean and tidy. Maintain the water level in the fountain, as it tends to evaporate. Fill the fountain with fresh water on a regular interval. A well maintained water fountain supports the flow of money and positive energy in the space. Therefore, to ensure a consistent flow of funds and energy in your house, take good care of your fountain.

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