Feng Shui Architecture

Feng Shui Architecture — Feng Shui is the Chinese art, which teaches how to maintain balance and harmony around us and live happily. The concept of Feng Shui is quite ancient, but its principles still provide guidance on various topics like architectural designs, decoration, arrangement, cures, etc. This way, one can create a congenial environment by the effective use of Feng Shui. The world has changed drastically and so has the lifestyle of the people.

Therefore, to live in sync with the fast paced human race, it becomes difficult to tackle all the problems on an individual basis. The solution to some of these problems is now provided by the modern architects, who keep in mind the Feng Shui tips for a specific building and apply them while designing a structure, to ensure there is harmony and peace around. The designing of the space should be such that there is a consistent flow of energy or positive Chi.

Some of these rules can be followed by mere intuition, while the others have been laid down and can be referred from various books available on Feng Shui. However, to simplify the process there are some basic guidelines of Feng Shui, which when followed properly will not only ease the process but will also yield good results. Given below are some tips that should be followed while deciding on the architectural designs of your home as well as office.

  • Use a Compass or Luo Pan to determine the favorable location of rooms.

  • Extract information from the Chinese horoscope.

  • Thoroughly examine the surroundings, such as the land forms, streets, streams and buildings in the vicinity.

  • Use high-tech equipment to examine environmental health hazards, if any. For example, the presence of electromagnetic radiation and toxic materials.

  • Use some variation of a tool called Ba-Gua, the energy map, to determine the directions and elements suitable for different rooms.

Feng Shui Home

‘Home is where the heart is’, is a popular saying that reflects how important home is in our lives. It is the place where we spend the maximum time span of our lives. No place in the world, no matter how plush, can match the comfort and warmth of one’s own house.

Feng Shui Office

After home, an office holds the utmost importance in a man’s life. It is the place where you work to realize your dreams. There is a saying ’Hard work is the key to success’, which encourages an individual to work hard towards his goals. It is also said that anything can be achieved with determination.

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