History of International Women's Day

Womens Day Facebook Covers For Students

Womens Day Facebook Covers For Students

International Women’s Day “IWD” is also known as the International Working Women’s Day or United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace which is celebrated every year on 8th of March all across the world in different regions of the countries in order to focus the achievements and contributions of the women in the society. The celebration of this event varies from region to region. Generally, it is celebrated to provide respect to whole women fraternity, appreciate them and to express love for them. As women are the major part of the society and plays a great role in the economic, political, and social activities, international women’s day is commemorated to remember and appreciate women’s all over achievements.

International women’s day celebration was started celebrating as a socialist political event during which the holiday is proclaimed in many countries. At this event celebration, men express their love, care, appreciation and affection towards women just like the event of Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated every year with a pre-planned and particular theme of the year to strengthen the political and social awareness towards the women struggles and their precious contributions.

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