Valentines Day Invitation: Indian Culture & Traditions

Valentines Day Invitation: Sample Invitations

Valentines Day Invitation: Valentine’s Day is the special day for couples where they plan intimate dinners and romantic nights. So, if you are planning to throw a Valentine’s Day bash for friends, do not mind if the couples arrive late to the party or leaves early, since many may want to have a private romantic date earlier or later in the evening. While planning a party for Valentine’s Day, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to make romantic party invitations. You can choose to make the party invitation for all couples, all singles or a combination of the two.

There are a variety of Valentines Day Invitations available in the market. You can get a huge range of Valentine’s Day invitation on the Internet and can even print them at your home. Yet, if you make invitations by yourself and give it to your loved ones, it makes a lot of difference as it adds a personal touch to the invitation thus making it more special. We bring you creative ideas and some invitation wording templates that may help you when writing out your own Valentine’s Day party invites for your special guests for this special occasion.

Valentines Day Invitation: Ideas

  • Take thick sheets of paper. The color can be pink, white or any other light shade of red.
  • Cut it out into rectangular shapes that measure 6×4 inches. You can alter the sizes according to your wish. Another popular shape is that of the heart.
  • Always remember, an invitation should be written in the third person. No punctuation should be used in between lines.
  • Proper nouns and the first letter of name should be in capitals. No other words should be capitalized.
  • Dates and numbers are always spelt. Also, avoid using abbreviations leaving the exception of Mr. and Mrs.
  • Decorate it nicely by making small hearts, or other clip art.
  • If you have an artistic hand, draw a cupid right on the top of the invitation. You can also cut out small hearts of red paper and scatter them on strategic locations on the invitation. The idea is to make it look romantic, not cluttered.
  • Finish it by adding a signature of yours in red color.
  • Don’t forget to include the address for the location of the party. Also include a map or textual directions. These can be printed on the back of the invitation or included as a separate enclosure.

Sample Invitations

  • Just because we’re all single…
    Doesn’t mean we can’t come together to mingle!
    The honor of your presence is requested at a Valentine’s Day Party.
  • Valentine’s Day isn’t only for mates…
    join us for a girls’ night out without dates!
  • Join us for a night of romance and wine…
    and all things lovely and divine.

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