Top 10 Love Letter Ideas: Indian Culture & Traditions

Top 10 Love Letter Ideas: Indian Culture & Traditions

The most thoughtful present that can be given to your beloved is a love letter. Your true feelings can be better expressed by putting them down in words. You will be able to speak out those things which you always wanted him / her to know but were never able to tell in his / her presence. But does the thought of writing a love letter bring back memories of Grade 3 English classes? Fear not, for we bring you 10 best love letter ideas to surprise your beloved. These popular love letter ideas will equip you better to pour your heart out in the traditional style of expressing your love. Read further to get ideas for writing love letters.

Ten Best Love Letter Ideas

  • The best idea is to write a letter that sounds like fairy tale. Begin with the typical, “once upon a time…” and write the incidents that are memorable. Make a fantasy tale out of these sweet memories of yours and place it in a location where you are sure your beloved will find it. Do not forget to spray her favorite perfume on it.
  • Another idea is to write the story of a movie that is a favorite of both of you. Instead of the actors, write your and your beloved’s name.
  • Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Visualize your beloved. The first time you met. The first time you hung out together. The first time he/she held you close. The first time he/she cried in front of you. Write down what you feel about him/her after being close for a good amount of time. This love letter is emotional, heartfelt and most importantly, genuine.
  • You can write a love letter based on your lover’s prime interests. Is he a techie guy? Is she into fine arts? Write accordingly. You can even give nicknames associated with that interest. If the guy is into sports say basketball, he wouldn’t mind being called Michael Jordan! Similarly if the girl is a die-hard dancing fanatic, you can name her Shakira! Mention all those things which attract you to him/her. It can be as silly as the stolen glance he gave during the most nail biting slam-dunk during his favorite game or the way she winked at you while practicing her moves.
  • Humor breaks all barriers. Believe it or not, the same can be applied to love. Yes, write a humorous love letter. But remember, there is a difference between sarcasm and humor. Keep that in mind and you can definitely write a funny love letter.
  • Write a love letter that looks like a things-to-do list. Begin with a sentence like “10 reasons why I love you” and write down your reasons in points. Don’t forget to make small hearts in the corners just to make it look a bit different from a real things-to-do list! Stick it on the fridge or some place where your beloved is sure to find it.
  • Write some of the mushiest dialogues from famous movies. The movies may be classics (Casablanca, Gone with the Wind) and the more modern ones (Jerry Maguire).
  • Write a famous love song and dedicate it to your beloved. You can find lyrics of some romantic songs in our section of romantic songs, or you can write his/her favorite song.
  • If you still can’t write one and have problems expressing your love on paper, no problems. You can always give an audio love letter. Record your voice and make it sound as though you are drunk in love. It may sound a bit exaggerated, but this is how true feelings come out. Give soft background music. You can do it yourself or get help from professionals or friends who know about sound mixing.
  • Last and the most important. Do not send email or messages of your love letter in his/her mobile. It is the most emotionless thing to do. Write it in your handwriting on a perfumed sheet of paper. Use your creativity to make it look nice and romantic. Your beloved will love you even more for this.

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