Short Friendship Poem – World Friendship Day Poetry

Short Friendship Poem – World Friendship Day Poetry

The unique bond shared by friends is something beyond comparison. True friends cherish the beautiful relationship for the lifetime. Being with friends is a lot of fun. Friendship Day is dedicated to the relationship. It commemorates the strength of the bond shared by friends. The day is an excellent opportunity for friends to spend time with each other and enjoy the day to the fullest. If you want to express your heartfelt feelings to your friends, then dedicating few lines to them would be a nice idea. For the purpose, you may pen down a poem. Be it a short or a long poem, what matters are not words, but feelings. Go through the article and explore our compilation of short poems on friendship.

Short Poem On Friendship

I can talk with a friend
And walk with friend
And share my umbrella
In the rain

I can play with a friend
And stay with a friend
And learn with a friend
And explain

I can eat with a friend
And compete with a friend
And even sometimes disagree.

I can ride with a friend
And take pride with a friend
A friend can mean
So much to me!


Thank You Friend

You were like a sister to me when no one else cared
You heard me calling when I was in despair
You even held my hand and helped me to face my fear
You take great care of me and let me know your there
Thank you for always been sincere

~ Author Unknown

My Friend

The wind blows away
The young childish memories we once had
Now semi grown up
You appear to have the world at it’s knees
We used to be a team
But the separation of years
Has made us turn in different direction

~ Jasmine Cherry

Keep Your Friendship Going

Friends are supposed to be there for you
When your feeling blue
But they aren’t supposed to
Break your friendship between you and them
I think you should stand for yourself
And don’t let them keep you down
Tell them how you feel
Just believe that you can keep your friendship
Going and I hope you make it forever

~ Stephannie Johnson

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