Henna Art back in vogue in Srinagar Valley

Henna Art back in vogue in Srinagar Valley

Young girls and women from all backgrounds are trying their hand out at henna art, which has made Eid eve look all the more attractive.

Henna artists had erected their make shift stalls or coordinated with the plush beauty parlours of the city for catering to the rush of women, who wish to adorn their hands.

Majority of these henna artisans are non-locals belonging to Jaipur, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh and have their unique style of painting the hands.

Some beauty parlours have introduced combo-packages on the eve of Eid and are offering various discounts to attract the customers. However, majority of the womenfolk prefer roadside artists due to affordability factor.

“Both my daughters wanted to dye their hands with henna, since a lot of their friends are doing the same. They wouldn’t settle for anything ordinary. I, therefore, took them to a beauty salon in the city, which had tied up with a mehendi designer. But they charged me Rs 2,000 which is very expensive as compared to road vendors,” Sumaira Hussain, a housewife, said.

Beauty parlour owners, though, offer their own reasons for increase in the rates.

“The quality of henna dye we use is superior. We especially invite expert designers from outside the state on Eid. All this leads to huge expenses, therefore, we charge more than what roadside vendor does,” Insha, a beauty parlour employee, said.

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