Christmas Hangings

Christmas Hangings: Making Cool Wall Hangings

During the holidays of Christmas, people clean their home and decorate it beautifully. Christmas tree is also adorned with attractive embellishments, during the festive season. While most people purchase ornaments from the stores, to use them for the decorations, others prefer to spend frugally, for the festival. One of the ways to have an economical Christmas is to make embellishments at home. Today, making ornaments at home is very easy, because all the supplies needed are readily available in the stores. Hangings make one of the common ornaments, which can be used to decorate empty walls of your home. In this article, we have given ideas for making beautiful Christmas wall hangings.

Christmas Wall Hangings

  • One of the commonly used decorative items for Christmas is quilted wall hanging. Make use of a medium sized or large sized quilt to decorate the empty walls, during the festive season. Symbols and images related to the festival are apt for the designs of the decorative quilted wall hanging. Nativity Scene or Santa’s reindeer would be the best bet.
  • At times, small things can create a huge impact. Ditto applies to candy cane stocking hangers. It is small, yet very impressive.
  • If you are looking for a designer piece of hanging, then go for wall votives. Wall votives are available for a variety of sizes and materials, bronze and brass being the most chosen ones.
  • Signboards can also serve as wonderful wall decorations, provided you place them at strategic locations within your home’s premises. Signboards made of wood would provide a countryside look to your home decor. The only difference is that in this case, the signboards would not mention the names of places, but would consist of Christmas wishes.
  • You can put card holders and wreath holders to the best use, this Christmas time. Fill the wreath holder with miniature sized Christmas cards, while place medium sized greeting cards inside the card holder. This would add substance to the empty walls of your home as well as convey your Christmas wishes.
  • You may also make wall hangings for Christmas, at home. For the purpose, you will need a light colored cloth napkin, dowel rod, red or green colored yarn, red and green paint and glue. First, fold the top portion of the napkin, over ½ inch and apply a dab of glue on it, to secure it. Dip your hand in the green paint. Press your hand several times on the napkin, to form a pattern of a wreath. To create shape of holly berries, dip your thumb in red paint and imprint. Attach a dowel rod, insert the yarn and hang it on your wall.

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