Choose colours, not chemicals this Holi

Choose colours, not chemicals this Holi

Holi is round the corner and everyone is thrilled to get drenched in colours. Amid fun and frolic, one often tends to overlook the harmful effects of chemicals on skin and hair.

Skin allergies are common. Problems related to skin can aggravate if one washes off colours harshly and briskly post-Holi.

Richa Aggarwal, a beauty expert, said one should avoid using harsh colours. “Organic colours are safe,” she said.

“People who have sensitive or highly dehydrated skin or are suffering from any hormonal imbalances such as thyroid should avoid playing Holi with colours as it can harm their skin. Such people should use lavender oil while showering. This will protect them from most of the harmful effects,” she said.

Post-Holi, use mild shampoo and condition hair with curd for three to four days. “This will not only condition your hair, but also detoxify and clean your hair without causing any damage,” she added.

City based dermatologist Dr Jaspreet Kaur said, “It is important to take care of yourself before and after Holi. Always clean your face with cleansing milk. Never wash your face with harsh soaps, especially when it is wet, doing so can damage your skin causing further dryness.”

She said if one had a history of eczema, he/she should wear a barricade cream (white paraffin) before playing Holi and using colour on the face.

Before Holi

  • To protect your skin, go for a mixture of one tablespoon each of coconut oil and olive oil and add to it a teaspoon of castor oil. Apply this mixture all over your skin before playing Holi. Make sure you apply it on the ears as well and the area behind the ears. You can also apply sunscreen after applying the mixture to prevent tanning.
  • You can also apply aloe vera based soothing creams to make a protective layer on your skin and prevent it from coming in contact with your skin. This will also help in getting stubborn colours washed off effortlessly.
  • Protecting your lips from damage of colours is also imperative and you can put on a good layer of lip balm to keep your lips moisturised and protected.
  • Apply vaseline or any petroleum jelly in the inner side of nails and on the back of your ears.
  • Protect your hair by applying oil before going out to play with colours. It will protect your scalp as well as strands from getting damaged.
  • Keep your hair tied in a braid or a bun to minimise the contact of colour with your hair.

After Holi

  • Make a paste of soyabean flour or besan with milk. Apply it on the body and wait for the paste to dry and then scrub it off.
  • Use some mild shampoo to wash your hair. Must apply conditioner after shampooing your hair. You can also wash off your hair with curd and L.
  • The most important thing is don’t rub your skin too briskly to remove the colours as it will only damage your skin and cause rashes or allergies.

Use natural colours

It is best to use natural colours to play Holi. This won’t cause any damage to others as well as to oneself. Gulal (rose water) and other natural water colours are relatively safe to use.

Home-made colours from vegetable sources are safe

  • Red sandalwood powder is a good substitute.
  • Beetroot water is also a good wet colour.
  • Dry spinach powder makes for a good green colour.
  • Yellow turmeric powder is a good natural yellow colour.
  • Dried marigold flowers and paste, or red hibiscus, can also be used as a substitute for artificial colour.
  • Such colours can be used safely as dry powders or mixed with water and diluted to be used as colours.

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