Broken Friendship Poem – World Friendship Day Poetry

Broken Friendship Poem – World Friendship Day Poetry

Broken friendships would create void in your mind, when you experience the agony of parting your friends, who remained a significant part of your life. In fact, the pain of going through a broken friendship is unbearable. The world seems to be ending and you seem completely helpless, with no one to turn to. When a friendship breaks, it really hurts. The trust you have had on the person is shattered completely and everyone looks like a betrayer to you. The best way to let go of the frustration is by writing down your sad feelings as a poem on lost friendship. For ideas, check out our compilation of short poems on broken friendship, given in the article.

Poems For Lost Friendship

Gone Away

I think you’re gone away
And I don’t know what to say…
I pushed you back from my sadness
I guess I can blame it on myself…
I pried and pried…
I shook my head no!
I now know where your hole would have lie…
Days and weeks of silent cries…
I apologize to you…
I apologize to myself…
I let another one go…
Slowly and quietly you stroll
With my heart our friendship…
I can put you in my collection…
Dust you every once in a while
Smile and remember…

~ Erica

Its All My Fault!

I’m stuck in a hole,
No one there,
People walk past.
And don’t even care.

I’m a loner,
And that’s what I don’t like,
It makes me sad, angry,
And it makes me cry.

I’m crushed,
Head to toe,
I’m so sad,
It makes me mad.

You left me,
Your living me for ever,
Why you doing this to me,
My life is in ruins now you’ve gone.

I’m sat on my own,
No one to pick me up.
I lie here thinking,
It’s all my fault.

~ Josie

A Perfect Friend

I thought I found that “Perfect Friend.”
A friend that would always be by my side until the VERY end.
I thought I saw for once that I treated you right but I checkec again with my sight.
I thought you weren’t like the rest but like before, you failed the test.
I thought we coud be the Best of Friends again for at least a bit,
But you decided its best to quit.
I thought I can live my life with that one “Perfect Friend’ to help guide my way at Just the right time
But once again the life I want cannot be mine.
I thought when I would look left or right you would be there by my side.
Now that we are moving on the time will come that God will give me that “Perfect Friend”
But how long will I last until my heart is shattered glass again?

~ Alianah M.

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