Mouth Ulcer (Ayurvedic Name – Mukh Paak)

Mouth UlcerMouth Ulcer (Ayurvedic Name – Mukh Paak) — Mouth ulcer is the loss of delicate tissue that lines inside the mouth caused by a break in the mucous membrane or epithelium on the lips. In Ayurveda mouth ulcer is known as ‘Mukh Paak’. The main responsible dosha for Mukh Paak in Ayurveda is ‘Pitta’.


This disease is mainly caused by imbalance of Pitta in body as vitiation of air, fire or phlegm humour in body leads to diffuse inflammation and ulceration in oral cavity.

Some Factors responsible for mouth ulcer are

Among the factors causing mouth ulcer are stress, fatigue, illness, injury from accidental biting, hormonal changes, burns from eating hot food, poor oral hygiene, menstruation, sudden weight loss, food allergies, deficiencies in vitamin B12, iron and folic acid, certain drugs, chemicals. In some cases, mouth ulcers are not harmful and resolve by themselves in a few days without any treatment.


A round sores and swollen skin around sores inside the mouth, tenderness, problems with chewing or tooth brushing, Irritation of the sores by salty, spicy or sour foods, Loss of appetite.

Diet for Mouth Ulcers

Whenever mouth ulcers occur avoid hot, spicy food, caffeine and tea. Consume green vegetables as much as possible as green vegetables provide the necessary fibber for the movement of bowels which prevents constipation, advisable to stop fatty food. Papaya is a very good fruit to be consumed in mouth ulcers. It soothes the mouth ulcers and helps in quick recovery.

Home Cure

  • Paste of garlic in coconut milk is useful in mouth ulcer
  • Take soft diet
  • Chew holy basil leaf
  • Apply milk of raw papaya on ulcer
  • Gargle with coriander seed boil water
  • Paste of Indian plum leaves
  • Make a paste of white catechu and apply on mouth ulcer

Useful Herbs

Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Peppermint (Mentha Xpiperita), Kattha (Acacia catechu), Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)

Therapeutic remedies

  • Arogyavardhini
  • Triphala churn
  • Irimedadi tailam

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