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Ayurveda ViewsAyurveda DhanvantariAt the end of our stomach related problem, before to start our new segment we will share some views, knowledge, and a questionnaire how to determine parkriti (nature) of body.

As we said in previous article that ayurveda is the life science that includes all information about every aspect of day to day living like how we sleep, work, exercise, think, communicate, dietary habit, way of eating and so on. It meant to help us highest possible state of health with simplest, safest, natural methods without affecting the original health status (nature of human body) by healing and maintaining dosha’s (humors) of body.

Ayurvedic therpeutical remedies works on the root of disease and on immune system that is why not leave any side effect like chemical and give strength to immune system through out life and help to heal the body. Some other additional therapies mentioned in ayurveda and are part of ayurveda that helps healing spiritually and mentally.

In modern system, treatment follows according to physical symptom and chemical changes without necessarily probing in to origin. But in ayurveda whole person in order to gain a deep understanding of presenting symptoms. For example, if a patient go to modern medicine practitioner with any kind of illness, patient will likely given a prescription for a drug that will effectively suppress symptoms for time duration but wont actually address the root causes of illness .on the other hand, ayurveda interested in looking at all dimension of patient being to see what might have made vulnerable to getting sick in first place. Ayurveda consider overall physical health thoroughly along with mental and spiritual aspect of past and present.

In ayurveda treatment follows so many consideration, before starting medicinal remedies .as we said three dosha’s (body humor) plays key role in creating disease, also these dosha’s (humor) make a prkriti(nature) of human body balanced three dosha’s (humor) are sign of good health .in next article we will explains how to calculate your nature .with the help of simple questionnaire.

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