Krishna Kumar Yadav

A man of great energy, enthusiasm, activeness and attractive persona Krishna Kumar Yadav is apt at handling administrative work as well as literary work. He is an officer of Indian Postal Services as well as an accomplished Writer, Poet, Blogger and avid thinker. A dashing and multifaceted personality KK Yadav is inquisitive by nature and love challenges. He is very sensitive to social problems and has deep concern for inequality in Indian society from the core of his heart and thus he sees bureaucracy as a means of social change. A man of strong will and determination KK Yadav is an honest and straight-forward person and his pragmatic attitude to life is something to be learnt. He has an inner self lit with creativity and is open to ideas, suggestions, criticism and compliments with a pleasant face. KK Yadav's ambition is to scale the heights and for him sky is the limit. He is inspired by the famous quotation- “The world will not help, the people must help themselves. Its own strength is the source of life.”

ताजमहल – कृष्ण कुमार यादव

Tajmahal - Krishna Kumar Yadav

ताजमहल के नीचे तहखाने में कुलबुलाने लगती हैं दो आत्मायें चिपट जाती हैं वे एक दूसरे से कहीं कोई अलग न कर दे उन्हें दबे पाँव बाहर आती हैं अपनी ही रची सुंदरता को निहारने पर ये क्या? बाहर देखा तो यमुना जी सिमटती नजर आयीं दूर-दूर तक गड़गड़ करती मशीनें कोलाहल और धुँओं के बीच काले पड़ते सफेद संगमरमर …

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