Read the chinese signs

Read The Chinese Signs

The Chinese signs of the animals dictate your personality, whom you love, what you hate, and how you behave. And many women believe it also influences what you read. So, what do the animals think should be on your book shelf? Calculate your Chinese sign, and get going…

RAT: The charming, imaginative Rat is an eclectic reader. Curious and witty by nature, she loves a good murder mystery or a thriller. And don’t ignore that romantic streak – and of course, the love for reading romances.

OX: The semi-serious book, women’s literature is just for her. She’s quiet, strong, and knows her beliefs, and wants. She’s also fond of non-fiction reads

TIGER: Impatient and always looking for adventure, suspense thrillers are just the books for you.

RABBIT: She’s gentle, and soft, and enjoys reading easy romances – those of the humorous, romantic variety.

DRAGON: Drama and saga lovers. Old fashioned romances were written just for you.

SNAKE: Anything that forces you to think deep and hard is for you. You love to read and then reflect.

HORSE: You look for mental and physical workouts in books. Something that challenges your established norms and beliefs. You also love self-help and motivational books

SHEEP: This well-mannered, demure woman loves romances – and the darker varieties of romantic books. “Wuthering Heights” was written just for you.

MONKEY: Slapstick comedies, rom-coms…

ROOSTER: News, current stuff is what you want. Even newspaper interests you.

DOG: You want books that make you laugh and also satisfy your nosiness

PIG: You care about what happens around you and so, books that deal with social issues is what you love on your bookshelf.

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