Look what your Zodiac sun sign has to say about your fashion style

Look what your Zodiac sun sign has to say about your fashion style

Your zodiac sign can offer some uncannily accurate answers as to why you dress the way you do, believes astropalmist Praveen Singh Chauhan

Have you often wondered what to wear to make the best impression? Believe it or not each of the 12 astrological signs can give you plenty of information about your personality. Knowing your sun sign can help you in setting a style statement. Your zodiac sign can actually offer some uncannily accurate answers as to why you dress the way you do, whether you read your daily horoscope or not.

Take a look at what your sun sign has to say about your fashion style. However, remember the basic mantra — be comfortable in whatever you wear.


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is said to rule black and white but their real power colour is red.  Come what may, an Aries will always look good. Whether it is a last-minute purchase or a carefully chosen dress, trust an Aries to look great. The same clothes may look ordinary on anyone else, but an Aries can make it look right out of a designer store! Fashionable clothes and good make-up, that’s an Aries!


Taurus looks delightful in all shades and colours that are pastel based but most of all pink. A choosy Taurus will take time to decide what they are going to wear, even if it is for a walk! Taureans love to look good and will give a lot of thought to their clothes. Of course, expect a bull to buy tasteful and exclusive clothes. With careful planning and exclusive clothes, a Taurean will look well-turned out. Expensive, that’s the bull!


Gemini should say yes to yellow and embrace this cheerful hue — it’s their super special shade. Yellow or white? Checks or plain? Trust a Gemini to always be locked between two choices at any given time. A Gemini will always end up trying a lot of clothes and discarding them before wearing something totally different than the original choice. But expect them to always carry off whatever they wear with style. And they have the largest wardrobe, of course.


Cancer colours emulate the bright, shining surface of the mysterious moon, so whites, greys and creamy colours are the order of the day. The Cancerian always knows what he/she is trying to show. Also, a Cancerian will always be found neatly dressed, if not in the most expensive clothes. Good and different clothes are their trademark. They also like to accessorise and be casual.


Leo is the majestic ruler of the zodiac, so it’s no surprise that their colour is gold. The Lions love their colours to be solid, deep, dark and their fabrics unfaded. A Leo is not afraid to make a statement with his/her clothes although they are choosy about what kind of statement they make and how. And Leos might just be tempted sometimes to tell someone they want to impress what brand they are wearing.


Virgo colours are the spectrum of earthy tones in September — harvest times hues. Really and truly, Virgo is the overall ruler of print and pattern. Virgos will darn their clothes even before the first hint of wear. They mend their hems and replace their buttons. This sign is very particular about cleanliness and makes sure their clothes are always colour coordinated. Is it any wonder they are always well turned out?


Here’s a perfectly dressed person. Librans, like Taureans, suit the pastel palette, in particular baby blue. A Libran never wears too much or too little. Whatever the weather outside, a Libran is always prepared. Also, this sign knows how to balance it all: Not a shirt more not a dress less. The Libran will follow fashionable recommendations only if they feel it suits them. They create a personal style and make that a fashion statement.


Scorpio colours reflect the sentiments of this sign perfectly: deep crimson reds, maroon, and black also has a place here. Go wild for prints like snake skin, zebra and of course leopard print if you’re born under the Scorpion, or have planets in the sign or Scorp rising. The Scorpio isn’t afraid of experiments and can turn old clothes into the most fashionable of all. Bright colours, silhouettes and trimmings are something the Scorpio loves.


The busy Sagittarius is too occupied with other things to be bothered about dressing up. Sagittarius should go for purple, plum and dark blue, the colour of  good judgment. The Archer wants to wear clothes that will serve them under any kind of weather condition. What’s interesting is that they always manage to look pretty good too.


They like to dress practically, and no synthetics, please. Capricorn colours are black, dark brown and charcoal grey. Black is a power colour, representing limits or boundaries, think of the judge and most police uniforms. It’s a good colour to wear if we’re looking to carry an air of responsibility. They have a very nice taste and prefer to be traditional in their dressing style. Jewels are not something a Capri is fond of, unless they are family jewels.


Here is a practical dresser. An Aquarian would rather wear jeans. They hate to be dressed to kill. You would find this water bearer always keeping it simple. You will find an Aquarian dressed in whatever he/she likes the best, not necessarily what’s in fashion. Comfort, not trendsetting, is their mantra.


They don’t care about the latest fashion and prefer clothes that breathe, natural fabrics, nothing synthetic. Pisces colours are all about the layers of the deep sea, so mauve, indigo, violet and emerald, any of the colours true to nature. They also like clothes with ‘different’ cuts. A Piscean has taste and will be dressed nattily with a good colour combination. And, yes, a Pisces just can’t have enough footwear!

~ Astropalmist Praveen Singh Chauhan

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