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Leo Child: Behavior and Characteristics of Leo Child

Leo Child: Behavior and Characteristics of Leo Child — Leo child likes to lead everywhere, in the house, in the playground and in the class. He has to be the leader in all the kiddy games or he will start sulking. He has to go the way he wants to and as long as it remains this way, he will be bright, cheerful, mischievous, and happy. The moment he is forced to go some other way, he will either fight like an angry lion or broodingly retreat like a hurt lion. A Leo baby is always enthusiastic and full of bright ideas and it is better to encourage him.

Though most of these ideas will be concerning him only, do not put them down. Otherwise, he may get scarred for the rest of his life. He may try to boss around other children, but that is one of his basic personality traits. Try to subdue him gently, but never scold him openly in front of everyone. A Leo child has great pride and vanity and make sure never to hurt it. The leadership qualities of his characteristics profile should be encouraged, but he should also be taught the virtue of accepting the leadership of others too.

He also likes to show off and you will have to make sure that he doesn’t become too boastful. A Leo child will go to any extent to maintain his dignity, even if it means not crying after falling from the bicycle for the third time. He loves attention and somehow, manages to get it also. He will be quite careless, daring as well as energetic. Suddenly, he will go into one of his lazy spells and wouldn’t move even a single limb of his body. This is the time to make him understand that he has to do his own things and nobody has the time to carry out his responsibilities.

It is the parent’s responsibility to teach a Leo child the quality of respecting other people’s rights. Remember, the best way to tame a lion is by giving him lots of love and a little spanking every now and then. If you ever find Leo children who are very timid, shy, quiet and withdrawn, it is mainly because they have suffered a major blow to their vanity. The best way to bring out a lion from such a shell is by appreciating him, giving him due attention and honing his skills. This should be done as soon as possible or his frustration may take a dangerous turn.

Leo boys are totally masculine and the girls completely feminine. Right from his childhood, a Leo baby will dislike small chores and resist doing it. Give him some work that requires some responsibility and authority and you wouldn’t have to remind him twice. He is quite intelligent and learns things pretty fast, but only if he wants to. However, he may get lazy in respect of studies and you will have to show extreme patience to make him work hard. Another way is to make him see how superior he will be to other children, if he attains the top position.

You will never find your Leo child making airplanes of his class assignments again. Do remember to compliment him and pat him on the back when he comes first in the class. He needs more compliments, no matter how much he’s already got. The term savings is alien to most of the Leo children and they are prone to extravagance. A major portion of their money will be spent on giving loans to their friends, which they will most probably forget to take back.

Leos are amongst the first ones amongst the entire zodiac signs to feel attracted towards the opposite sex. He will fall in love and have heartbreaks every now and then. Most of the Leo children love parties, because that is where they can become the center of attraction. They need freedom and harsh words dent their ego. Be a little patient, a little indulging, a little strict and totally loving, when dealing with a Leo child. He will turn into a secure, generous, proud and strong lion!

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