Is Your Name A Cause of Your Troubles?

Is Your Name A Cause of Your Troubles? — Names can either create or spoil one’s impression. Sounds emanating from words like Vodooo, dham dhamm or war cries like Harr Harr Mahadev create a fear vibration, like the noise produced during bombing.

The way a word is pronounced creates the entire impact. That’s why in mantra vidya students have to learn the right pronunciation from their guru. As sound vibrations generate energy, wrong pronunciations damage the energy points within the body leading to an imbalanced personality.

Children with wrong names suffer a lot in studies, mental and physical growth too. Children with phonetic name vibrations of 11, 12, 13, 16, 34 and 43 have lots of problems in life and face obstacles repeatedly. Number 16 is catastrophic when it does not live on a spiritual plane. No number is bad, if one is able to see the karmic forces at work.

A lady I knew had a 16 name vibration, meaning ’the shattered citadel’, which is shown as a tower struck by lightning from, which a man is falling with a crown on his head. Ambition prevented her from finding the true balance between spirit and matter.

Her wounded pride and rigid dogmatism led to her downfall. She had disappointment in love and marriage, suffering a strange fatality. Defeat of ones plans is foretold. 16 makes one suffer for undertaking thoughtless risks, gives great anger, anxiety and may lead to divorce too. Sixteen reveals destruction before reconstruction.

To decrease negative aspects of 16 one has to renounce fame and celebrity to find happiness in other ways than at the top (tower and the crown). Following the higher aspect of this number, it’s a path of glory and victory of the righteous, but the tendency is to follow the lower aspect of this number.

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