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Gemini Gemini Compatibility

Gemini Gemini Compatibility — When a Gemini gets together with another Gemini, the result is never-ending fun and energy. Both the individuals are witty, humorous, adventurous and talkative. They love change and variety and sticking to one thing makes them too impatient and bored. Two Gemini individuals, when in a relationship, can keep each other amused for a long time. They will enjoy each other’s company and can spend hours at an end, having an intellectual conversation. Just like the positive traits, two individuals belonging to the Gemini zodiac also share the negative characteristics.

Though they may be very attracted by the mutual desire for change, after a while, they will start feeling that life this way is too hectic. But the other way round, it will become too monotonous and predictable. Then, another negative trait is that they find it difficult to stick to anything for too long, be it professional or personal life. This tendency may come in the way of their relationship too, especially when some differences start cropping up. The tendency of a Gemini to think from the mind, rather than the heart, may also create compatibility problems in this love match.

This zodiac match is very good as far as indulging in word games, intellectual fights, and light repartee is concerned. In case you are looking for a meaningful relationship, then better tread with caution. It will be very difficult to form a serious, emotional bond as both of them will be too busy indulging in frivolous adventures. Though their life will never ever be dull and unexciting, it will never ever be satisfying from emotional point of view too. The difficult part here will be getting settled, which both of them will find difficult to do.

Two Gemini individuals will share a great chemistry in love. At the same time, both are them are prone to flirtation as well as jealousy. This can bring some really big troubles in the compatibility of their relationship. There will be dearth of passion and romance. Infact, it will be too much to handle. In this love match, both the individuals will have to learn a little. They will have to listen to the other partner’s opinions, respect his point of view and control their fidgety nature. Last but not the least, they will have to learn to move towards commitment, not away from it.

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