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Gemini Cancer Compatibility

Gemini Cancer Compatibility — The zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer do not have much in common with one another. And some of these differences make both the individuals complement each other. Cancer will always be there to take care of the Gemini, when he comes back after a rough day. Gemini will bring light-heartedness and banter in the life of the emotional Cancer. The Crab is much more emotional than the Gemini and tends to be more deeply attached. Gemini, on the other hand, likes to keep everything superficial and on the outer surface.

This may hurt the sentimental Crab. Another compatibility difference arises from their different ways of solving problems. A Cancerian individual believes in action, while a Gemini believes in mere words. The positive side of this love match is that the wit, humor and intellect of the Gemini will appeal to the Crab, who in turn will provide the much-needed stability and depth to the former. Cancer is bound to feel jealous and insecure in the relationship, because of the flirtatious nature of a Gemini, who does not want to be tied down.

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman

The vivaciousness, enthusiasm and energy of a Gemini man will instantly appeal to a Cancerian woman. He will be drawn by her unassuming charm and sensitive manners. As the relationship moves further, more and more differences will start cropping up. His rationality is least likely to gel with her emotional and sentimental nature. Infact, he may seem too cold and distant to her warm nature. At the same time, his aversion from commitment is likely to make her insecure and she may end up getting away from him.

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man

The deep passion and zealous nature of a Cancerian man is bound to attract the flirtatious Gemini woman. And this is when the trouble starts! She is never much interested in forming long-lasting bonds, while he seems to be born only for commitments. He is also prone to jealousy and suspicion, which will only get a reason when a Gemini woman is involved. A Cancerian man needs lots of love, care and attention, which is definitely not her cup of tea. She has too many interests and distractions to do this. Lot of adjustments is the key here!

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