Choosing Your Gem

Choosing Your Gem — Bhagya, or luck, is the factor that governs the success and status of a person. According to astrology, bhagya is governed by the strength of certain planets in a person’s birth chart. To strengthen these planets, gems are used.

Gems carry mysterious powers that can affect one’s health, wealth and emotional well-being. However, all planets are governed by their own gems.

Garud Purana and Indra Purana have mentioned the existence of 9 primary gems. The Ratna Pareeksha Adhhaya (Ch.80) of Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira says that in olden days, kings wore auspicious gems to get power and prosperity.

It is true that gems can enhance the strength of planets, provided we select the right one. Before wearing a gem, one must test its efficacy and find out whether it will work for the purpose for which it is selected.

The gems cannot give the desired effect unless they are genuine and have an auspicious aura and inclusions. Enhancing a gem, which is a common practice in present times, renders it infertile and ineffective.

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