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Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility — The zodiac signs of Cancer and Sagittarius have a number of personality differences. The Archer is not so attached to his family and home as the Crab and this may be one of the basic reasons for the clashes between the two. The former wants to go out and explore the world, while the latter wants to stay home and enjoy family life. Sagittarius needs lots of freedom and Cancer needs lots of stability and security, making this love match a difficult one. The detached feelings of the Archer are completely opposite to the deep, intense emotions of the Crab.

The latter may not to be able to understand his philosophy towards life, since he himself is attached to all those people and things that are close to him. Though these differences seem clashing, they can also complement each other, provided both the individuals make efforts in this direction, accept their faults and appreciate the other person’s qualities. The independence of a Sagittarian may make a Cancerian feel insecure and the excessive attachment of the latter may make the former feel smothered. The forthright speech of the Archer will further this couple’s relationship compatibility.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman

This love match has chances of working, but both the individuals need to make the right efforts for the same. She will have to learn to be a little responsible in life and even start loving his family and his home. On the other hand, he will have to be a little adventurous and at times, throw caution to the wind. He wants attachment and she wants independence and freedom. His suspicious nature will need to be controlled, even when he gets many chances to indulge in it. Though it is not one of the easy matches, it is still workable if one is determined to do so.

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man

In case of Cancer woman and Sagittarius man, the chances of success diminish much further. Though, in the initial stages, she may feel attracted to his outgoing and adventurous personality, but with time, too much of all this will start getting on her nerves. Even her need of feeling protected may not be met, since he doesn’t like to be pinned down and may be too busy exploring new things in life. He is also flirtatious by nature and this will make her more insecure. Though the sparks will fly in this love match too, you cannot be sure whether they will be of romance or fights.

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