Tricks With Paper

Tricks With PaperTricks With Paper – Paper can be extremely strong and quite amazing tricks can be done with ordinary writing paper.

For instance, cut a 1 in. strip from a sheet of paper, about 6 in. in length. Press the edge against the blade of your scissors, as illustrated, and you will be able to produce a perfect spiral.

Another curious trick is to roll a sheet of notepaper into a circle and fasten it with a rubber band. You will then be able to place several books on top and they will be supported without any trouble, as illustrated. Try also one another trick.

This is called “scoring” paper, and is very simple to do. Work on a stiff of cardboard and lay your paper on this.

Use a very sharp penknife or a razor blade and press very gently on to the surface of the paper so that you can only cut the top layer of the fibres, without, of course, penetrating right through.

Fold the paper so that the line you have scored is on the outside of the fold. A few interesting leaf designs are illustrated, showing the possibilities of this art.

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