Sarika Agrawal Flowers & Petals Textile Designs

Textile Patterns & Embroidery Designs 5

Kashida Embroidery: This embroidery belongs to Kashmir. Kashmiri shawls done with this work are world famous and Kaftans worked with this embroidery exquisite.

A variety of Kashida embroidery is Raffugiri embroidery. In this both the sides of the cloth will look the same after the work is done.

The motifs for the embroidery designs are taken from scenes of nature. Motifs used are birds like parrots, peacocks, kingfisher and leaves and fruits like apple blossoms, plums, cherries, grapes and flowers like lotus. Sometimes these designs are worked into a shape like a mango.

Textile Patterns & Embroidery Designs 5

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