SqueegeeSqueegee – Fairly heavy paint is used in silk screen printing, so it is necessary to add this to the material by the following process.

Construct a squeegee from a strip of ¼ in. thick rubber, with the overall measurements of 4 in. wide and about 1 ½ in. deep.

This rubber is set in a rounded handle, made of wood, as illustrated, and the rubber is gummed into a slot in this handle.

Spread the paint on the rubber part of the squeegee and draw this up and down the surface of the screen, until all the surface has been covered very evenly.

You will be able to see whether the operation has been successful by looking at the other side of the screen and seeing the evenness of the paint.

Do not forget to clean the squeegee after this has been used and wipe very dry.

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