Round Rattle

Round RattleRound Rattle – Another type of rattle that is most decorative and also can make a great noise, is the one that is made from a round box, similar to those flat boxes that contain cheese, etc. First of all, procure your round box, that can be made of cardboard, wood or even tin, and see that it has a good lid. Put in a handful of the noise-making beads, etc., and carefully seal up the lid by gumming round the inside of this and holding in place until quite dry.

Look at the diagram and you will see just how the rattle is finished. Use strong cord round the drum part and form the ends of the cord into a handle, so that it is flexible when held in the hand and waved about. Finally, bind this with a thick cord or rope as illustrated. When the cord is in place, secure this to the drum with rounded staples and give the cord a thorough soaking of gum to hold. You will notice that the ends of the cord are formed into an ingenious handle and this should also be treated with gum.

The drum of the rattle can now be painted with brightly coloured enamel paint to your own design and this is no reason why you should not also give the cord handle a spot of colour. The rattle is now complete and all ready for use.

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