Razor Blade Knife

Razor Blade KnifeRazor Blade Knife – Most people have little or no use for razor blades, once they have served their primary purpose. All that is needed is one piece of three-ply wood, and two small bolts and nuts, with their washers. Take a look at the diagram and you will see how simple it is to construct. Find a piece of plywood about 6 in. long and 1 in. wide and ¼ in. thick and cut this with a first-saw, as shown in the diagram.

The cut, or slot, should extend 1 ¾ in wide and ¾ in. deep, measuring from the end. Drill two holes, I in. apart, with the first hole 3/8 in. from the end 5/16 in. from the edge, as shown in the diagram.

Now insert two 1/8 in. bolts of sufficient length to go through the plywood and to take two nuts and washers. Shape the plywood so that the handle is about 4 in. long and the edges curved around, as in the diagram. Sandpaper all the edges so that they are rounded and quite smooth. Give the knife a coating of varnish to improve the appearance. Bind the handle with cord, as illustrated and, cover every part, tucking the end of the cord below the last binding. Give it a good coating of varnish to keep the cord in place.

Insert the razor blade between the two arms and thread the two bolts through the holes, so that they coincide with the holes in the razor blade. Now screw up the bolts and the razor blade knife is all ready for use.

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