Horn for a Party

Horn_for_a_Party_bigHorn for a Party – Here is a novelty that will be ideal for a party or carnival dance, where noisy horns or rattles all help the fun.

The illustration shows a very gay party horn that you can easily make and one that will add a great deal to the noise.

Make the megaphone from thin white cardboard and roll it round like the old sugar bags, so that it forms the shape in the picture.

Trim the ends with scissors so that they are both even. Paint stripes round the outside with a bright red, as a decoration, and when this is quite dry brush the surface with paraffin to make it waterproof. The mouthpiece is made from a piece of round wood, about ¼ in. in diameter and I ½ in. long, with the centre drilled out.

Cut one end at a 60 degree angle (see the diagram) and place this “cut” end on to a piece of thin brass (about 32 gauge) and trace your pencil round the outline on to the brass. Cut round the pencil lines and you will have an opal piece of brass that fits snugly over the end of the tube. Glue the bottom end of this to the tube, so that the top part can be vibrate.

Now gum the mouthpiece into the small opening of the megaphone, so that about ¾ in. sticks out. A protective mouthpiece is placed over this and pushed on to the end of the megaphone.

This can be made from a whittled down cotton reel and shaped as shown. All you have to do now is to blow down the horn to make a very loud noise.

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