Face Painting - Introduction

Face Painting – Introduction

Face Painting – Introduction – Face painting is some of the best fun you can have – you can turn yourself into anyone or anything you wish. With the help of the paints in the box you can make yourself look funny, sad or scary. In this book we show you how to make yourself up into different people and characters.

Inside Your MakeupTo make your disguises even more effective you really need to complete your costume. Although we suggest some in this book, do look around to find clothes and other accessories that will help make you look the part.

Instructions for each character are given at the bottom of each page, but before you start do read this section carefully:

Inside Your Make-Up Box

  • Both the paints and pencil can be easily mixed and applied with your fingers.
  • You can draw lines with the pencils.
  • Use the glitter for a sparkly effect.
  • The false nails with their self adhesive and the vampire teeth will be the first accessories you will need.
  • The stencils will help you create some of the more complicated shapes.
  • Use the mirror to see if there are any details you could do better.
  • To make some of the designs even more effective you may need to buy other colors – these can be bought in specialist craft shops.


  1. Cover your work surface with a sheet of paper or plastic. Set out everything you need: face paints and pencils, sponges, paper tissues, soap and water.
  2. If the neck of your costume is quite tight, slip it over your head before you start, otherwise you may smudge your make-up and smear it over the costume. Always cover it with an item of old clothing.
  3. Apply a moisturizing cream to your skin.

Now You Can Start

  1. importantCarefully read the instructions for each design.
  2. Draw all lines with a pencil before applying the paint.
  3. Always make sure your fingers or damp sponge are clean before applying paint.
  4. After each color, wash your fingers or damp sponges are clean before applying paint.
  5. The paints and pencils mix together well.

Handy Hints

  • It is better to use your finger to fill in large spaces, and the brush or applicator for the details.
  • Use your finger to apply the glitter.
  • Make sure you know how to mix the colors needed: black and white for grey; red and yellow for orange; green and red for brown.

You are now ready to start face painting. If you follow each step, the results will be amazing!

Important: Do not keep your make-up on for more than 6 hours. Your skin will become sore and itchy if you keep it on for too long.

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