Hindu Gods & Goddesses Coloring Pages

Hindu Gods And Goddesses Coloring Pages

Hindu Gods and Goddesses Coloring Pages: Hindu religion have millions of Gods & Goddesses, in this page we have collected lesser popular Hindu gods. We have separate collection for Lord Rama (Rama Navami), Maa Durga (Durga Puja), Lord Ganesha (Ganesh Chaturthi), Lord Krishna (Janmashtami), Goddess Saraswati (Saraswati Puja), Lord Shiva (Maha Shivaratri).

Hindu Gods And Goddesses Coloring Pages:

In fact, there are over 33 million Hindu gods in total!

There are some you may have heard of: Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh or Brahma, to name a few.

Maybe you’ve seen a statue of the elephant-headed Ganesh, the god of beginnings and remover of obstacles.

Or perhaps you’ve seen a portrait of the mighty blue Shiva, the god of destruction, slaying a demon.

Maybe you’ve never seen any of them! Regardless of if you are just learning, taking a spiritual pilgrimage to India, or a yoga teacher training, learning about the Hindu gods is exciting and inspiring.

The stories of Hindu gods tell the tales of good versus evil, light versus dark, power, balance, and virtue.

Hinduism in India

Yoga and Hinduism are often practices that go hand-in-hand in the West but are more deeply fused and widely practiced in India. Appropriately so, because India is their birthplace. 80% of the population of India identifies with the belief system and recognizes these major Hindu gods.

Stories of these gods are the foundation of Hinduism. They teach about the values and aims of human life and the path to enlightenment.

Hindu mythology has long been a way to pass down these teachings. Hindus worship the gods and goddesses through devotional prayer and meditation. Many perform this kind of “puja’ (worship) in a shrine.

Shrines are a special place you create for prayer and meditation. For instance, they can be anything from altars, rooms, and even pictures and sculptures.

Worshipers decorate these shrines with offerings. These offerings may include mantra or prayer, incense, and flowers. They can be any kind of precious item- provided the person gives it with love and devotion.

Throughout India, you can see incredibly decorated shrines dedicated to different gods. Statues, images, and buildings are colorfully decorated and often fragrant with flowers, especially during important holidays.

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