Holi festival coloring pages

Holi Festival Coloring Pages For Students

Holi Festival Coloring Page For Students And Children: Click on the Holi festival image, it will open the selected image attachment page. Right click on the image in the attachment and save it on your desktop for later use.

Holi is a popular spring festival observed in India, also called the festival of colors. People spend the day throwing colored powder and water at each other. Children love this colorful festival and enjoy it very well. Here are some beautiful coloring pages for the celebration of this festival. Download and print these coloring pages and give them to your children to color.

Holi Festival Coloring Pages For Students And Children

Holi is a festival of colors celebrated by the Hindus throughout India. Hindus celebrate Holi as a festival of love and happiness, shedding animosity, greed, hatred and adapting to a new life of love and togetherness.

Holi is celebrated in spring season, in the Hindu calendar month of Phalgun, which usually coincides with the Gregorian calendar month of March, or sometimes even late February. It is a two days festival commencing on a full moon night with holika dahan. Main holi festival is celebrated the next day of holika dahan. It also coincides with the harvest of wheat and is symbolic of prosperity and happiness.

Spring marks the end of winter and is preceded by summer. Therefore, the climate of spring is particularly pleasing, when flowers abound. Thus, holi is celebrated as the festival of colors, to commemorate nature’s spring beauty and also the good harvest.

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