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Teacher's Day Images

Teacher’s Day Images

Teacher’s Day Images: On the occasion of Teacher’s day, various cultural programs and activities take place in schools. Senior students dress up as teachers and take up their roles, giving out lectures and teaching the students of primary level. By doing so, the students get a hands-on experience and realize how it feels to be a teacher. In some schools feasts are arranged and in some reunions are organized between the old students and teachers. People call up their childhood teachers and let them know that they are still remembered, giving them immense happiness and appreciating them for all that they did for them.

Most students offer gifts like greeting cards, flowers, chocolates, pens, show pieces, books, etc. to their teachers on this special occasion. A gift reflects the love and respect for the teachers by their students. Each one of us has been a student at some point of our lives, therefore Teachers’ Day should be celebrated by all of us and not just the teachers and students alone.

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