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Mango Shaped Picture Frame

Mango Shaped Picture Frame – Items required:

  • Orange thick fluorescent paper
  • Green glazed paper
  • Any Picture
  • Pencil
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Silver sparkle
  • Adhesive
Mango_Shaped_Picture_Frame_1Take a rectangular piece of orange paper, fold it into two equal halves with the coloured side inside
Mango_Shaped_Picture_Frame_2 Draw the outline of a mango with a pencil. Cut the mango.
Mango_Shaped_Picture_Frame_3Take one of the mango shape and draw an elongated circle on the white side. Cut the circle.


Mango_Shaped_Picture_Frame_4Take the green glazed paper, double fold it, and paste it together.
Mango_Shaped_Picture_Frame_5Draw the outline of a pair of leaves on the green paper. Cut the leaves.
Mango_Shaped_Picture_Frame_6Take the hollow mango cut out and paste the leaves on its top.


Mango_Shaped_Picture_Frame_7Take a picture and paste the mango cut out with leaves on top of the picture and solid mango cut out below the picture.
Mango_Shaped_Picture_Frame_8Decorate the leaves with sparkle.
Mango_Shaped_Picture_FrameYour picture frame is ready.

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