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Butterfly Face Make Up

Butterfly Face Make Up – A butterfly can spread its wings and fly wherever it wishes. Now you can pretend to be a butterfly and visit faraway places.

You need: yellow, red, blue, green and white paint; a black pencil; glitter; brush; hair gel.
Painting Tool
Butterfly Hair1 – Smooth your hair back from your face with the gel. With the black pencil, draw the butterfly’s body in the middle of your face.
Butterfly Forehead2 – At the top of your forehead, draw 2 black lines and 2 dots to make the antennae.
Butterfly Wings3 – With the black pencil draw the outline of the wings. The first set starts at your forehead and finishes under your eyes.
Butterfly Eyes4 – The other set starts under your eyes and finishes at your chin (follow the picture).
Butterfly Fill Eyes5 – In black, draw little wings inside the large ones. Mix blue and red paint to make violet. With the brush fill in the big wings by your eyes in violet. Fill in the little wings with yellow. Create some shading with the green paint.
Butterfly Bigwings6 – With the brush, color in the big wings on your cheeks in blue. Mix red and white paint to make pink. Fill in the little wings with this pink. Use this same pink to color your lips. Fill in the butterfly’s body with blue.
Butterfly Blackeyes7 – Underline your eyes in black, then add some glitter to your wings – now you’re ready to fly!

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