SMS Jokes

Sms Jokes

Sms Joke 41

Night has gone and the moon too.
Sun has arrived with the sky blue.
Open your beautiful eyes,
There is a sms for you.
“Good Morning”

Sms Joke 42

Could you fax me your photo very very urgently? Mind you.
It’s really very very urgent, damn serious and very important,
I’m playing cards and we’ve misplaced the JOKER.

Sms Joke 43

Meri yaad aye to yaad karo, Zyada aye to sms karo
Ussey zyada aye to phone karo, Ussey bhi zyada aye to millo
Ager ussey bhi zyada aaye to, Please jhoot bolna band karo.

Sms Joke 44

Measured by miles you are far away,
Measured by thoughts you are close to me,
Measured by closed eye you are with me,
But measured by heart you are always in me.

Sms Joke 45

Hotho se jo choo liya, Ehsaas Aab tak hai,
Aankhe Nam hai, Aur sanson mein Aag ab tak hain,
Aur kyon na ho…
Khayi Bhi to ‘HARI Mirch’ hai.

Sms Joke 46

Aksar jab hum aapko yaad karte hain,
Apne rab se yehi fariyad karte hain,
Umar hamari bhi lag jaye aapko,
Kyonki hum doston ko khud se zyada pyar karte hain.

Sms Joke 47

Suraj paas ho na ho, Roshni aaspaas rehti hai,
Chand paas ho na ho, Chandni aaspaas rehti hai,
Waise hi aap paas ho na ho, Apki Yaadein hamesha saath rehti hai!

Sms Joke 48

You are genius, your mind is a master piece,
It is divided into left and right.
In the left part nothing is right,
And in right part nothing is left.

Sms Joke 49

May God increase ur happiness like prices of petrol,
And decrease sorrows like clothes of Mallika Sherawat.

Sms Joke 50

Sanam teri duniya chod denge,
Teri taraf aye tufan ko mod denge,
Lekin tune jo sath choda,
Kasam teri haddiyan tod denge.

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