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What colour is an insects blood?

What colour is an insect’s blood?

Did you know that insects don’t have red blood like us? Instead their blood is either colorless or a very faint green or yellow. If you manage to squash an insect, and you see red blood, you can be sure that that red has come from the blood of some animal the insect has bitten. Read More [Source: www.harley.com/ask-harley/questions/zoology.html]: Animals …

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What is blood group? Types, Blood Transfusion

What is blood group?

Perhaps you already know, which blood group you belong to: A, B, AB, O, Rhesus + Rhesus + (Rhesus Positive), or Rhesus – (Rhesus Negative). But do you know what these letters and signs mean? Although all human blood looks the same when see under a microscope, we do not all have the same type of blood. Some substances, found …

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What is the purpose of blood? Function, Structure

What is the purpose of blood?

Blood plays vital role in the life of our body. It is a fluid that circulates through the heart and blood vessels, supplying nutritive materials to every part of the body and carrying off waste products. It is colorless fluid, plasma, in which float myriads of corpuscles. There are of three kinds: red, white and platelets. Learn More: Blood is …

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