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Raksha Bandhan Legends & Fascinating Stories

Raksha Bandhan Legends

Raksha Bandhan is a popular festival of India, celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters. The festival has a tremendous social and cultural significance. It is the celebration of the love amongst siblings. There are various legends associated with the origin of this festival. In fact, the festival has a rich background and has several stories related to its existence. …

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Raksha Bandhan in India: Hindu Culture Trends

Raksha Bandhan in India: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Raksha Bandhan in India is one of the very important festivals celebrated. Eagerly awaited by the Hindu community in India and abroad, it surely marks an auspicious occasion. Raksha Bandhan comes in the month of Shravan, which falls between July and August, and is celebrated with much eagerness and joy all across the world. The festival of Rakhi communicates the message …

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History of Raksha Bandhan in Hindu Culture

History of Raksha Bandhan: Indian Culture & Traditions

Hindu scriptures and mythology is the source of all the Hindu rituals and festivals. In fact, one can find explanations for all the Hindu traditions and customs in the religious epics. Even the origin of Raksha Bandhan celebrations is rooted in the Hindu mythology. There is no confirmed date and time available about the history of Raksha Bandhan festival, but …

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Holi in Maharashtra: Shimga or Rangpanchami

Holi in Maharashtra - Shimga, Rangpanchami Celebrations

People of Maharashtra have their own grand style of celebrating Holi. Besides other things, not to be missed is their mouthwatering delicacy – Puran Poli. Holi is called Shimga or Rangpanchami People of Maharashtra commonly know this festival of colors by the name of Shimga or Rangpanchami. For, the play of colors is reserved for the fifth day here. The …

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Holi in Manipur: Yaosang Festival, Thabal Chongba Dance

Holi in Manipur, Yaosang Festival & Thabal Chongba Dance

It is interesting to note how Holi is celebrated in Manipur (India). Here, the festivities continue for six days starting on the full moon day of Phalguna. It may also be noted that the traditional and the centuries old Yaosang festival of Manipur amalgamated with Holi with the introduction of Vaishnavism in the eighteenth century. Besides, there is also a …

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Pongal Around The World Celebrations


The festival of Pongal is celebrated with zeal and fervor by the Tamilians in India as well as in any part of the world they reside. As this harvest festival is considered very auspicious, even the Tamils living abroad celebrate this festival with the wish of prosperity as well as for keeping their cultural ties with their native place alive. …

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Famous Indian Brother-Sister Jodi: Rakhi Special

Famous Indian Brother-Sister Jodis

Raksha Bandhan is the most sacred festival of India, which celebrates the pure love of a brother-sister duo. This festival makes siblings remember the time they have spent together, playing with, fighting and helping each other. Those childhood days become fresh and alive once again on this occasion. The love of brother and sister is the purest of all and …

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Rakhi Customs & Traditions in India

Rakhi Customs - Raksha Bandhan Culture & Traditions

Rakhi Customs & Traditions in India: Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on ‘Shravan Purnima’ (full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan), which generally falls in the month of August, every year. The auspicious day commemorates the unique bond between a brother and a sister. This festival reflects the pure love of brother and sister for each other. Every brother, …

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Raksha Bandhan Celebrations in India

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations: Rakhi Culture & Traditions

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations in India: India is the only country where the love of a brother-sister duo is respected so much that a festival, called Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan, is especially dedicated to it. Rakhi is celebrated with a lot of fun and frolic in India. Besides tying Rakhis on the brother’s hand, gift exchange, relishing tempting and mouth watering …

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