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A Gift From Mother: Mystery Thriller Story

A Gift From Mother: Saibal Chakravarty

A Gift From Mother: During 1942, Bengal rose like one man to participate in Gandhi ji‘s Quit India Movement. In the course of the struggle for freedom, a young Bengali girl, Sharada Chatterjee aimed a revolver at Mr. Gordon Jackson, Police Commissioner, Calcutta, and fired twice. The incident took place at the prize distribution ceremony of a high school where …

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The Bailiff’s Bootsoles: Story From Urals

Story From The Urals: The Bailiff's Bootsoles

The Bailiff’s Bootsoles: There was a bailiff in Polevaya once called Severyan Kondratych. Eh, what a ruffian he was, what a ruffian! They’d never known the like since there’d been mines and mills there. A hound, he was, and worse. A wild beast. The Bailiff’s Bootsoles: Pavel Bazhov He knew little enough about the work, but when it came to …

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