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The Day Mother Raised The Flag: Moral Story

The Day Mother Raised The Flag

The Day Mother Raised The Flag: On August 15, at the stroke of midnight, the Indian flag replaced the Union Jack of the British Empire. And millions of Indians went to sleep in a state of excitement. For, they would literally wake up in a free country. Among them was a five-year-old girl called Amrita Rangasami. She lived with four …

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Glory Of The National Flag: Enlightening Story

Enlightening story about Our National Flag: Glory Of The National Flag

Glory Of The National Flag: Minu, who studied in class 6th carrying her school bag on her back, entered with a long face in her house. Seeing her pale face, her mother asked – “What happened?” Minu replied in a low voice – “Tomorrow is Tanisha’s Birthday and she has invited me on her birthday party.” Glory Of The National Flag: …

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Three Ms for Freedom: Story of Young Freedom Fighters

India Independence Images, Struggle for Freedom Stock Photos

“Chandu wait. Let’s celebrate our victory,” Abdul requested. “I’ll just be back – I must tell Baba the news. It was his training that helped me win against the New English School Giants in the Kabaddi finals,” screamed Chandu. “I know, it was your stamina and speed that really worked,” Abdul said, “Thanks to Baba.” Chandu rushed home, “Baba, Baba! …

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