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Krishna Visits Mathura: Krishna’s Childhood Story

Krishna Visits Mathura: Lord Krishna's Childhood Story in English

Now stories about Krishna’s deeds spread far and wide. When Kamsa heard about Krishna, he was sure that Krishna was Devaki’s eight born child, born to destroy him. He, in turn, planned to invite Krishna to Mathura (Uttar Pradesh, India) and have him killed. He summoned an old minister by the name of Akrura and sent him to Gokul with …

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Krishna and Rukmini: Lord Krishna Marriage Story

Krishna and Rukmini: Story Behind the Wedding of Sri Krishna

Bheeshmaka, the king of Vidarbha had two children, Prince Rukmi and Princess Rukmini. Bheeshmaka had heard many stories of Krishna‘s valor and secretly wished him to be his son-in-law. He knew that it might not be possible as Kamsa’s father-in-law, Jarasandha, was their overlord and he was Krishna’s sworn enemy. Vidarbha is the eastern region of the Indian state of …

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सोनू और नंदनी गाय की दिल छू लेने वाली बाल-कहानी

सोनू और नंदनी

नटखट सोनू एक बहुत ही शरारती बच्चा था और रात दिन सिर्फ़ शैतानियाँ करने के बारे में ही सोचता रहता था।उसके घर में एक सफ़ेद रंग गाय थी नंदनी, जो बहुत ही सुन्दर और सीधी थी। वह सोनू को बहुत प्यार करती थी पर जब भी सोनू अपने पापा के साथ गौ शाला में जाता तो उसकी घास छुपा देता …

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Chanukah in the shadow of the inquisition: Chanukah Stories

Hanukkah Greetings

The House of Modiglia, importers of silks, was one of the famous business establishments in Seville, Spain. The two brothers Yaakov and Reuven del Modiglia had inherited it from their father, who received a special scroll from the king of Spain – praising him for his contribution to the development of overseas trade. Their widowed mother Donna Rachela del Modiglia …

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Krishna and Narakasura: Hindu Mythology

Krishna and Narakasura: Naraka - asura son of mother Earth

Narakasura was a legendary figure, the progenitor of the Bhauma dynasty of Pragjyotisha. He is considered to be a son of Bhudevi, fathered by Vishnu in his Varaha incarnation. He is claimed as one who established Pragjyotisha. He was killed by Krishna and his son. Bhagadatta of Mahabharata fame, succeeded him. Bhoomi Devi (mother Earth) had a son named Naraka. …

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