Sandy’s Dance - Dr. Manjari Shukla

Sandy’s Dance – Dr. Manjari Shukla

Sandy  was a great crowd puller because of his very unique dancing style. He was quite popular among his friends and fellow animals of jungle.

All the birds and animals of jungle gathered at night in front of “The Yahoo Ice-cream Parlour” to enjoy Sandy’s dance.

Sandy loved ice-cream and enjoyed dancing on it too. When he jumped into the air and fluttered his green wings, all the animals used to scream with joy.

“Yowza! He is an excellent dancer.” someone exclaimed.

“It is so exciting, my goodness, I just can’t believe it.” Another voice joined the series of appreciation.

And Dingo dog always hopped with joy and said excitedly- “Oh! What an awesome performance.”

And Sandy was on the seventh moon after hearing his praise. He loved all his friends and it was difficult for him to imagine his life without them.

But on a beautiful rainy day, while munching delicious snacks he noticed an advertisement of a newly opened “Unique Ice-Cream Parlour” in the nearby town.

The building of the ice–cream parlour was in the shape of ice cream cone. It was fully decorated with red and orange balloons and huge images of mouth watering ice-creams.

He got at once and went to the regular Yahoo ice-cream parlour where all his friends were waiting for him.

Tutu parrot cheered happily – “Wow! We have been eagerly waiting for your dance for an hour.”

“Sorry friends, But I am going to “Unique Ice-Cream Parlour” to show my talent.

Chino rabbit hopped and said – “Dear sandy, we all know that you are an extraordinarily talented dancer.”

“Yes, we all know that” cried all the animals in unison and birds in melodious tone.

But sandy was very reluctant and was not ready to listen to his friends’ request.

Finally Sandy left the jungle for the “Unique Ice-Cream Parlour” leaving his friends behind.

When he reached there, his eyes widened with joy to see the bright illumination and attractive decoration.

He stepped forward and went inside the shop.

He decided to show his talent there so everybody could praise him.

He jumped on the ice-cream held by a little girl and started singing –


And after finishing his dance and song he turned his head towards the little girl waiting for a loud clapping but the girl was trembling with fear with a pale look on her face. She threw the ice-cream at once and rushed towards her mother. Sandy got frightened and started flying. People shouted at him and ran after him to catch him.

The girl was sobbing and saying – “ugly grasshopper”

Sandy’s eyes were filled with tears. Somehow he managed to escape from there through a hole.

He remembered his friends and their tearful eyes while leaving jungle.

He moved towards his friends to apologize for his selfish attitude. He flew away as fast he could to be with them

Moral: Never leave your true friends behind in an act of selfishness.

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