Heart Rendering Christmas Story: Sacrifice of Love

Sacrifice of Love: Heart Rendering Christmas Story

One cold winter Christmas Eve, there was a family who lived in the slums of Brooklyn. The family lived in an old run down apartment, suitable for rats.

The wife wanted to buy a chain for her husband’s damaged watch, but did not have enough money. She was frantic and overwhelmed in panic. She did not know what to do… Her Christmas would be ruined! She thought and though, until she came up with an idea. She decided to sell her hair at the local salon.

She entered the salon and was quickly examined by the stylist. The hair stylist was astonished in not finding damaged or liced hair. The wife and the stylist bargained and bargained. It resulted in the wife receiving $20 for her hair, which was just enough to buy the chain. She looked at herself and saw that she looked hideous, but she did not care and cloaked her head with a shawl.

She quickly searched and purchased the desired chain and left for home. She wrapped the chain in newspaper and sat quietly awaiting her husband’s return from work that afternoon.

The husband had returned and entered the house. He said nothing. The wife saw that he had a grin upon his face. After dinner, they sat next to the stove for warmth. The wife then pulled out the gift and gave it to the husband. The husband looked confused, but opened it. He was in tears when he saw the gift, because he had sold his watch to buy a gift for the wife. He pulled out his gift, which was a hair brush for his wife’s delicate hair. The wife and husband cried and wept. The love within the family had proven that they would sacrifice anything it took to see happiness upon their partner.

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