Child Labour Slogans

Child Labour Slogans For Students And Children

Child Labour Slogans

  • Raise your hand to get child labour banned.
  • Don’t let your kids to get wage at their very little age.
  • It’s time for learning, not for earning.
  • Don’t let your dear to fear and get tear, let them happy and cheer.
  • Childhood is for learning and adulthood is for earning.
  • Send your kids to the school but not to hold any tool.
  • Don’t be wild; only give education to your child.
  • Give your child good education to make this country a better nation.
  • Don’t let tiny hands to work, save them for future world.
  • Stop child labour and start child care.
  • Prohibit child to go to workplace, child labour to school need replace.
  • Every child deserves a better life, give him love, care and smile.
  • Kids are pillars of the nation, send them to get education. Stop child labour!
  • Never support child labour, children need your favor.
  • Stop child labour and save precious children.
  • Nurture the child for future, stop child labour.
  • Stop child labour and protect child rights.
  • Say yes to quality education against the child labour violation.
  • Children deserve holding books not bricks. Stop child labour!
  • Stop being greedy, help a child needy. Raise voice against child labour!

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