Child Labour Slogans

Child Labour Slogans For Students And Children

Child Labour Slogans

  • Parents should be cool and must send their kids to school.
  • Don’t be mute, kids are cute; send them to school.
  • Don’t be cruel and stop your kids to burn fuel.
  • Don’t be blind towards your child, let them study.
  • Children in pain can never gain.
  • Force your child to hold a pencil but not to wash utensil.
  • Child labour is a crime we must fight, to give our children their birth right.
  • Send your kids to classes but not to wash tea glasses.
  • Your child needs favor to stop child labour.
  • Child labour is unfair, they only needs love and care.
  • Child labour is violation, you should concentrate on education.
  • Understand your child’s pain and give him a chance of education to gain.
  • Give your children education by fighting with child labour violation.
  • Don’t let your kids to earn money, let them earn knowledge and bright future.
  • We should ban child labour by giving kids our favor.
  • Child labour brings illiteracy whereas child education brings literacy.
  • Give your kids good education through the child labour prevention.
  • Child labour is very tough, don’t make their future rough.
  • How the future will be fine if you send your kids to factory line.
  • Child’s mind is very fast; let them make it very vast.

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