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World Teachers Day Information For Kids

World Teachers Day is celebrated every year on October 5 globally to recognize and celebrate the works of educators including teachers, researchers and professors worldwide. International Teachers Day is celebrated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in partnership with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), International Labour Organization (ILO) and Education International. The theme for World Teachers Day 2022 is “The transformation of education begins with teachers“.

World Teachers Day 2022 celebrations will be held virtually this year around the world stressed over a week between October 5 and October 12. The first day of the seven-day programme will start with an opening ceremony and followed by the Award Ceremony of the 6th Edition of the UNESCO Hamdan Prize for the Effectiveness of Teachers. The International Teachers Day will end on October 12 with a joint World Teachers Day and Mobile Learning Week session. The event seeks to focus on the innovative uses of technology for the professional development and mentoring skills of teachers during COVID-19.

World Teachers Day 2022 Theme

The theme for World Teachers Day 2022 is “The transformation of education begins with teachers” aims to address the role the teachers have been playing during the COVID-19 pandemic. A UNESCO statement said: “The issue of teacher leadership in relation to crisis responses is not just timely, but critical in terms of the contributions teachers have made to provide remote learning, support vulnerable populations, reopen schools, and ensure that learning gaps have been mitigated. The discussions surrounding WTD [World Teachers Day] will also address the role of teachers in building resilience and shaping the future of education and the teaching profession”.

  • 2022: The transformation of education begins with teachers
  • 2021: Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation
  • 2020: Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future
  • 2019: Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession
  • 2018: The Right to Education means the Right to a Qualified Teacher
  • 2017: Empowering Teachers
  • 2016: Valuing Teachers, Improving Their Status
  • 2015: Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies
  • 2014: Invest in the Future: Invest in Teachers
  • 2013: A Call for Teachers
  • 2012: Take a Stand for Teachers
  • 2011: Teachers for Gender Equality
  • 2010: Recovery Begins with Teachers
  • 2009: Build the Future: Invest in Teachers Now
  • 2008: Teachers Matter


On October 5, 1966, a recommendation on the status of teachers was adopted and to mark that event, UNESCO has been celebrating World Teachers Day since 1994 on this day. The recommendation had set standards including teachers’ rights and responsibilities, initial preparation and further education, recruitment, employment, and teaching-learning conditions.


“With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education, and the dedicated target (SDG 4.c) recognizing teachers as key to the achievement of the Education 2030 agenda, WTD has become the occasion to mark progress and reflect on ways to counter the remaining challenges for the promotion of the teaching profession,” a UNESCO statement on World Teachers Day reads.

According to UNESCO, “The WTD provides an annual occasion to take stock of achievements and raise awareness around challenges facing teachers and the role of teachers in the achievement of the global education targets”.

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