How The Flamingoes Got Their Color

How The Flamingoes Got Their Color

The lovely pink flamingoes
Are a very pretty sight,
But many, many years ago
They all were sparkling white.

The flamingoes, though so pretty
Were not proud, but very shy,
And hid themselves away
From any humans who passed by.

But one small boy determined
That he’d catch them unawares
And crouched down in the bushes
By the lake he knew was theirs.

He kept so very quiet
The flamingoes did not think
That anyone was watching
And they came out for a drink.

They looked so very pretty
That the boy rose from the bush,
And said: “Oh, aren’t they lovely,”
Making each flamingo blush!

They colored up so deeply
That each tiny little feather
Was steeped in pink, and so they stayed
That lovely shade for ever.


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