Feeding A Kitten

Feeding A KittenA kitten from nine to sixteen weeks of age needs at least four small meals a day. (About a level tablespoonful at a time.)

  • Breakfast: porridge or brown bread moistened with warm milk.

  • Lunch: some finely chopped raw or cooked meat, with a little vegetable, such as spinach, peas or carrots mashed in it.

  • Tea: a tablespoon of tinted food, of which there are several makes on the market.

  • Supper: can be a repeat of lunch, but very it with minced chicken, rabbit or fish.

Be very careful to remove all bones from the food, as these can damage your pet’s inside. A saucer of milk may be given once a day but not with the main meal.

A few drops of cod-liver or halibut oil in the food daily will ensure strong bones and teeth.

Four to five months of age reduce the meals to three a day and increase the amount given each time.

  • Breakfast: a saucer of milk.

  • Lunch: three tablespoons of tinned food or cooked or raw meat mixed with chopped vegetable.

  • Supper: three tablespoons of meat, fish, chicken etc, and (once a week) one tablet of yeast.

Five to seven months of age (after which your kitten will be grown-up). Two meals a day should be enough.

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